A website for Meat Processing Plant

Beefmaster is a line of products of Meat Processing Plant Biernacki. The products are available for individual customers and HoReCa channel. High quality beef, modern production technology and precisely designed wrappings are to popularise beef consumption in our country.

A website for Meat Processing Plant

Such exquisite products required a speciall setting, also on the Internet. The website, which we were honoured to create, had to fullfill one criteria: It couldn’t fail!

Our task was to present Beefmaster products and making the visitors of the site want to serve them on their tables. Not only once, but repeatedly, so that beef popularisation in Poland is on satisfying level. We paid a lot of attention to the products’ part of the service. Particular categories of the products of our client were divided into separate sections. We presentes single products using beautiful high-quality pictures, showing the details of the wrappings and meat itself. The visual aspect were complemented with juicy descriptions of beef and dishes made of it.

Oh, yes, the dishes. Not everyone has ideas for dishes with beef on every day of a week. Beefmaster is here to help! We put in a special sector the recipies of Grzegorz Cielecki, the cook of a Polish football squad and of Robert Burneika, known as Hardcore Juicer who became Beefmaster’s ambassador. One click on a picture of a ready dish gets you to the microsite, whre you can find ingredients and steps of cooking. Although, the most important element is a video presenting all the steps. The website is integrated with Youtube, so it’s easy to visit our client’s channel at this service.

The website also contains the section with pictures taken while shooting advertisements and videos with the recipies, news, contact data and information on company’s workshops devoted to how to serve beef properly. Thanks to that, it aims at individual clients, who want to expand their knowledge and discover secrets of beef, as well as to restaurateurs and hotel owners, who care about the quality of meat they use in their kitchens.

The website is visually attractive. The colour pallette – brown, white, beige, impart elegance to the products, accentuating the fact that we have to do with the highest quality meat, what confirm the photos presenting the essence of beef – raw or ready to consume.

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