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Auraton - Home automation

The company was founded in 1984 and is still dynamically developing on the market, and its primary goal is to translate observations of the latest trends in the field of heating into the creation of highly technologically advanced home automation.

Auraton stands out for its users' excellent functionality and efficiency of the systems offered. It is characterized by high operating economics and maximum satisfaction with minimal effort put into use.

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What was the purpose of the site?

The Auraton Smart website was created primarily with users in mind. We made sure that it was as intuitive as possible and - just like our client's systems - simple and quick to use. Its main goal is to provide information about the Auraton Smart system and present the benefits and convenience of its use.

A website answering users' questions and doubts

Our goal was to create a website that would answer all user doubts and become a carrier of all necessary information about the company and the revolutionary and modern Auraton Smart system it offers.

  • What system will be optimal for their home? Thanks to the informativeness of the service we have created, each user will quickly and easily choose the system that is right for them.
  • Knowledge base in the form of articles The texts available on the blog describe the functioning and use of the Auraton Smart system in practice in a reliable and clear way.

How to use the Auraton Smart App?

The website describes in an interesting and UX-friendly way how simple and intuitive it is to use the application. Its users can change the temperature in individual rooms in the house with just a few clicks. It also allows for economical use of water, heat and energy.

Product configurator with proposed sets

  • Related Products Thanks to the view of related products, website users can easily complete the perfect system for themselves, and our client - can improve sales results.
  • Wide possibilities We gave the client space to provide a reliable and interesting description of each product he offers. This makes the user browse it with interest.
  • Uniform photos Consistent photos present the products included in the offer in an attractive and aesthetic way. The whole gives the effect of a well thought out and stylish layout.

Minimalist design with a product focus

The minimalist style of the website allows the user to fully concentrate on the presented product and makes the whole thing look professional.

Many individual layouts

Layouts tailored to the subpages and the information contained therein make the website legible, orderly and has its own, unique character.

The image nature of the website

Stylish, professional design and modern solutions have made the website a showcase and spread a positive image of the company.

A website that gives the user a sense of the need to have a smart home

The challenge accompanying the implementation of the Auraton Smart project was to create a website corresponding to the intelligent nature of the system itself and the application connected to it. Our team did their best to meet the customer's expectations. The intuitive and easy to navigate website encourages you to use it.

How does Auraton Smart work?

We have presented the operation of this intelligent system using a clear diagram. It shows how multi tasking yet easy to use the Auraton Smart system is.

  • Control your energy consumption The application allows you to easily set the temperature of your choice in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. All with just a few clicks.
  • Manage your home Even when you're not there! You can plan the schedule of activities performed by the system in advance and manage it remotely.
  • Practicality combined with economy You can turn off all devices interacting with the application with one click, thus saving time and money.

Technologies used

The landing page was created based on the WordPress system. Proper and reliable preparation of this type of software translates into its high security and reliability. The WordPress system is also very flexible - it allows the client to make changes to the website on his own. All this thanks to an easy to use content management panel.

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