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Mobile sales system

Secondary Sales Force is a mobile application for Sales Representatives.

It was created for companies that base their business strategy on direct and indirect distribution. Our main objective was to launch a platform that would improve communication between distribution networks and their representatives. The application was also intended to be a useful compendium of information. As a result, SSF is a single tool with which you can plan all your activities.

SSF - Your command centre

At the heart of the system is the administration panel, which contains the complete POS database and allows you to be in constant contact with the company's salespeople. In addition to this, there are other important components that influence the efficiency of the application.

From the panel, information can be communicated to all distributors and sales representatives and sales targets can be created for them, such as selling products, building distribution or placing advertising material. Each of the salespeople can also set sales targets for themselves, which gives an overview of the progress of the set plans.

The application also includes a manager's panel, the use of which promotes better coordination of the work of Sales Representatives (access to current promotions, activity of salespeople, number of actions carried out, etc.).

The SSF platform is also a product information database, i.e. a landing page rich in product specifications, which is also an excellent sales argument. These are helpful for single and cross-selling (e.g. recipes indicating the use of specific products).

An important asset of the SSF application? Using the platform contributes to an increase in sales performance.

Sales reps can be rewarded for completing tasks and can thus be motivated to make better sales. Reps can also add new sales points to the database.

One platform, a range of benefits

  • Ease of communication The use of the app promotes an increase in the quality of communication with the entire sales network.
  • Building a sales network The ability to add new points allows traders to expand the market into new areas.
  • Information always at hand The SSF is also an excellent sales support - it is a collection of information on: promotions, targets achieved, and includes leaflets talking about the benefits for the customer who buys the offered product.
  • Improving sales When sales representatives are within a certain distance of a defined GPS location of a point of sale, a sales task, promotion or any other information for that point of sale will appear on their mobile app.
  • Access to the reporting system Every manager is able to report precisely on the activities of his or her team. This is all thanks to a simple and clear reporting panel with the possibility of filtering the necessary data very precisely.
  • Additional advantages? The app encourages use through: intuitive use, online and offline operation, innovative solutions, low running costs and time savings.

SSF incentive system: gamification

An interesting solution that SSF offers is an incentive system based on gamification. What is its uniqueness? First of all, it translates into real actions for employees, including increased sales. The second reason is the human desire for competition - we simply like to struggle with challenges, discover new levels, and earn points. It is also worth noting that by offering our employees this form of entertainment, we can influence the 'disenchantment' of routine activities, giving them freshness and building their commitment.

The gamification we have created is not only intended to entertain and give children the satisfaction of gaining a level. Above all, it is intended to form the habit of using the SSF application correctly and systematically. There is also nothing to prevent you from expanding it according to your own goals.

What is this form of motivation based on? It is based on earning points for completing certain tasks, and achieving successive levels becomes increasingly difficult over time. The sum of the points from completing tasks allows special ranks to be earned, among which you will find not only the Golden Dragon of the SSF, but also other surprising personalities. All achievements and ranks are visible in the user profile.

If you are curious about SSF gamification and how much you can achieve with it? Don't hesitate, integrate it into your employee motivation system!

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