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Mobile applications

Mobile apps are becoming more popular and diverse every year.

As many as 22 million Poles use the internet mainly via mobile devices - smartphones and tablets (Gemius/PBI survey results for January 2018). There is huge potential in this number, which you can discover and use to achieve your own goals. How do you do it? The key to action is your unique mobile app.

Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular and diverse every year. They are a response to the need to stay in touch, to be constantly active, to receive constant information, they serve young people and business people alike, they are easy to use, intuitive... in a word: everyone is able to use a mobile app.

Mobile app: how do we work with it?

Designing a mobile app is a demanding task. The main challenge is the limited screen space, as well as the rules under which the app undergoes a certification process before it can be found on Google Play or the AppStore. Care also needs to be taken to ensure that elements and content are positioned appropriately so that it is intuitive to use.

We develop applications for iOS and Android operating systems. In our work, we use the innovative Ionic framework, which allows us to efficiently build applications for both platforms simultaneously. We test, check and adjust until everything works as expected. We will create for you mobile e-commerce systems, catalogues, applications streamlining business processes, games, competitions, promotions - anything that will allow you to achieve your goal.

Features of the mobile application

Mobile apps have certain characteristics that make them an even more attractive and useful tool.

Right on target

With your own mobile app, you will be exactly where your customer is. You will always reach your desired target group!

A modern image

The mobile app works on the company's image, communicating its development, knowledge of trends and the needs of its audience.

Natural extension of coverage

A useful and well-executed app simply infects its audience - attracting interested users through natural recommendations.

Staying ahead of the competition

Companies that make their apps available for download are more likely to enter into a relationship with internet users who value convenience.

Application in the service of sales

Anyone involved in sales should also be familiar with the concept of mobile shopping. Poland is populated by internet users who, in the vast majority, buy online and therefore represent a huge potential for online shops. A shop in the form of an app or an adaptive website - these are the definition of ideal sales channels that make shopping even more fun and light.

An application at the service of business

We are also well aware that running a business is a complex process. In this case, mobile applications in the form of dedicated database platforms can provide support. As we know, we are not always near desktop systems to facilitate our daily work tasks. In such situations, mobile applications come in handy, which we can use anytime, anywhere.

Apps also support many business processes. Mobile calculators and systems that allow you to manage warehouses, sales, logistics are exceptionally useful here and will certainly improve the activities of your employees.

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