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Internet shops

Online transactions are becoming more and more popular every year.

Perfect proof of this is research conducted in 2019 by Gemius, showing that 62% of Poles make purchases online, and their number is systematically increasing.

Why are we so eager to buy online? What appeals to us above all is comfort. Shopping in the comfort of your own home is much more pleasant than visiting shopping malls - this is confirmed by as many as 58% of surveyed Internet users.

Internet shopping

As many as 62% of Poles admit that they shop online.

Online shopping and traditional shopping

As many as 58% of respondents find online shopping more enjoyable.

Currently, the value of the eCommerce market in Poland is estimated at a staggering PLN 50 billion and this is definitely a growing trend. That's why many entrepreneurs decide to implement an online store.

What is the reason for the popularity of sales platforms?

In addition to the already mentioned convenience of online shopping, their availability is also important - they are within the reach of each of us as long as we have access to the Internet. It is worth adding that increasingly younger Internet users buy online and it is a completely natural activity for them.

There is also a growing belief among users that non-cash transactions are safe and making payments online does not pose any risk. Internet users also value the ability to quickly compare prices in stores throughout Poland and often use so-called price comparison websites. All these elements mean that we use traditional stores less and less often.

If you would like to start selling products online, we will be happy to use our skills to build an online store for your company that will attract with its appearance and surprise with its functionality.

Why do you need an online store?

An online store is one of the best sales tools currently available. Thanks to it, you will easily have control over transactions, products and customer service.

We build eCommerce systems on Open Source software - it is one of the best solutions for creating online stores. In our work, we use WordPress, Magento and PrestaShop. However, the software we use most often is WordPress WooCommerce, which almost reliably meets all the needs of the vast majority of our clients who want to have their own online store. Another advantage of WordPress is the multitude of available add-ons and enormous flexibility, allowing for virtually unlimited development of the store.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce allows for quick and intuitive configuration and modification of store settings. This means that product management (price, photos, description, etc.) is simple and will not cause any difficulties for the user. There is nothing stopping you from constantly adding new functionalities to the store, according to your individual needs. WooCommerce also makes other things easier in everyday store administration. Enables:

  • effective generation of numerous discount codes and coupons,
  • creating e-mail templates and keeping e-mail conversations constantly organized,
  • generating sales reports according to various criteria, e.g. product category or selected promotion,
  • easy download/generate labels for couriers,
  • inventory management, including product inventory tracking,
  • introduction of one – click refunds, i.e. an intuitive and simple process of returning goods.

The WooCommerce-based system also helps you effectively optimize your online store for search engines. WordPress is recommended for people who have no previous experience with positioning and SEO - thanks to its simple operation, you can easily understand how to act to improve your virtual position among the competition.

An extremely important issue nowadays is adapting the online store to mobile devices. WooCommerce gives you 100% certainty that the layout we use will not fall apart on a smartphone or tablet - all designs are created in accordance with the Responsive Web Design / Adaptive Web Design principle, adapting their appearance to the device on which they are currently viewed.

When discussing the advantages of WooCommerce, it is impossible to ignore the issue of security. The built-in module supporting the SSL encryption protocol protects your customers' personal data from falling into unauthorized hands. Having an SSL certificate also increases user confidence in the website where they make purchases. To ensure full security, we have prepared a Support Package for Woocommerce. It guarantees constant care by our specialists in this field and regular and skillful updates of the system.

It is also worth mentioning that both small stores and those with tens of thousands of products, rich in various variants, operate on the WooCommerce system.

The process of building an online store

  • Analysis Building an online store is like laying virtual bricks - level by level until we achieve the intended effect. That is why it is so important to analyze not only the competition, but also your needs. The result of these activities will be the preparation of proposals for the most beneficial solutions for the project.
  • Planning We will consider and present proposals for solutions for the implemented project. We will systematize the requirements and specify the possibilities and functionalities of your future e-business. We will plan everything so that we are not surprised by unexpected problems during the implementation process.
  • Mockups / Prototypes We will visualize our idea using clickable, high-quality mockups. Thanks to them, you will see what your future online store will look like. This is a very important stage that allows us to maximize our activities, save time and reduce costs already at the initial stage of implementation.
  • Graphic concept After accepting the mock-ups, we will prepare a graphic design for you. Once a satisfactory appearance is achieved, the graphic files will be "translated" into a language interpreted by web browsers.
  • Software Then we will deal with what is invisible to the eye, i.e. software. Thanks to it, your store will function exactly as we planned.
  • GDPR Since May 2018, it is very important to protect personal data in your online store, in accordance with the GDPR regulation. We will help in the implementation of all legally required elements, both those related to the sphere visible to the customer (adjustment of privacy policy, regulations or contact forms) and those related only to the activities of store employees (identification of data processing processes, entrusting data processing, security incidents, etc.).
  • Testing We offer external tests with the participation of respondents (people from outside the company, selected from the target group) and internal tests (functional at the company level). Tests help to adapt the project to the user's needs as much as possible, increasing its intuitiveness.
  • Project handover When it's time to hand over the project to you, we will train you in how to operate the store and share tips on attractive product presentation. We will suggest how to organize the promotion, format texts, what photos to use, etc. Thanks to our recommendations, you will present the content in a way that maximum engages the user and increases conversion.
  • Development We are happy when our partners spread their wings and our projects meet expectations! Therefore, we will gladly and fully commit to expanding your project - regardless of whether it involves modifying small elements, designing new functionalities, or introducing completely new, dedicated extensions. We will personalize the online store according to your individual needs.

What else should you know?

The sales platform will support the daily activities of your store. In the system you will find all your customers' complaints sent from the online platform after filling out easy-to-fill forms. We will connect the store with a network of suppliers, i.e. the most famous courier companies and parcel lockers. All logistics-related activities will be fully automated and tailored to your needs. We will take care of integration with programs such as WF-Mag or Symfonia. This action will allow you to synchronize products, prices, stock levels and orders between the store and the external system.

In addition to online sales, the system can support other sales channels.

We can also support you in creating marketing content and organizing product sessions. Thanks to this, your store will look even better and your customers will surely complete their purchases successfully.

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