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Game development

We are a group of creative people with a focus on original solutions.

We say "no!" to the usual and template activities. For us, everything is possible - we like challenges and the magic of technology. We will create immersive and engaging browser games, mobile games, social games and consumer competitions for you. It is worth remembering that nowadays online games are an excellent and non-invasive advertising medium.

Play with the MDA!

Did you catch the Tic Tac before Euro 2012? Catching bacteria to keep the bathroom clean? Or has your child ever tried to take on the role of a footballer?

  • Picking up Tic Tacs An online game designed to promote the Tic Tac Arena - connected to the Euro 2012 taking place in Poland and Ukraine. It was inspired by childhood games, which were mostly based on catching, for example, eggs in a basket. Our pastilles had to be collected into boxes until all chances were lost. Of course, as time passed, the degree of difficulty increased - the pastilles fell faster and faster.
  • Football multimedia game (Kubuś) It was created on the occasion of Euro 2012 for Maspex (brand Kubuś). Players took on the role of footballers - the task was to score as many goals as possible. Through the use of vibrant colours and dynamics, the game gained a lot of fans.
  • Catching the bacteria (KOŁO) Animation titled 'Zagraj w KOŁO' - made using HTML 5 technology for Geberit. The premise was to keep the bathroom clean by killing bad bacteria. For each time they were hit, the player gained points, thus reducing the level of dirtiness. The game came to an end when the dirt level reached its maximum.

    We prepared the graphic design and software in a way that the game would be supported by all browsers and devices without installing additional plug-ins - we used HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript technologies.

Why the games?

The popularity of games is constantly growing, and their form encourages people to buy the advertised product in a light and casual way.

An additional argument supporting the conclusions is statistical data: according to a report by research company Newzo, 12 million Poles (in total across all hardware platforms) play casual and social games. There is no sign of this trend changing.

Games are a great way to release emotions and to make pleasant associations.

Games for the B2B sector

Have you come up with an idea to use the potential of games to create a team-building activity where your employees get to like each other even more? We will create a platform that will help communication between employees. It will be supported by several devices at the same time and by several users. You choose the type of game or the specifics, and we will create almost anything for you - from an integration game to interactive training. The choice is yours.

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