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Dedicated platforms

For us, high demands are like peaks we like to climb.

If in the solutions offered so far you have not found the right one for you - we will create a dedicated platform for you. Modern technologies and the flexibility of our operations mean that we will meet even the most demanding projects.

Dedicated platform - the answer to your needs

Dedicated platforms are nothing more than software created from scratch, the backbone of which is the expectations of the agency. A tailor-made system responds to the needs and ideas of our client, fits into his company and its structure, and allows us to achieve unique goals. MDA, on the other hand, is responsible for the entire planning and implementation process, which we carry out taking into account all the requirements set before us.

Business process support applications are an ideal tool for significantly improving team effectiveness and efficiency.

We start our work on the platform with a workshop. We determine what you want to achieve and how we can help you in the pursuit of your goal. We will determine the technologies with which we will meet your requirements. Using our experience, we will make sure that your dedicated platform is fast and functional. Its operation will certainly not cause you difficulties - you will intuitively know how to act to achieve a specific result.

Working with us, you will have an impact on all aspects of the created platform. You also don't have to worry about your data - we will transfer it from your old application without any problem! If necessary, we will integrate the software with external systems such as Subiekt GT, SAP or other ERP applications. We will take care of development and updates. It is very important to make changes to the existing platform, develop it and adapt it to the ever-changing expectations of the industry, customers and market needs.

B2B and B2C dedicated platforms

Software development is a field in which we excel. As a Software House, we bring to life e-commerce systems, mobile applications, calculators, loyalty programs, as well as entire portals.

Our specialty is dedicated platforms in the Business to Business model. We create IT systems that support business processes taking place in the company, as well as support the work of the company. Their purpose is to maximally facilitate and accelerate selected activities undertaken by employees - they also affect the more efficient operation of the entire company. We make such dedicated systems, among others, for Wavin Poland, a leader in the production of installation systems for residential, commercial and infrastructure construction. Our track record includes such projects as:

  • Loyalty programs A platform for handling loyalty programs using SMS codes.
  • Facilities for employees A system that provides access to approvals, declarations of conformity and approvals that Wavin products have, streamlining manufacturer-installer communication, relieving the burden on Wavin's customer service department,
  • Customer facilitation A system for digital distribution of Wavin's product and image catalogs, allowing you to download entire collections.

We are also well known for the calculators we create for Wavin, among others. In the projects we implemented, there was also a place for configurators, "live" recalculating the data entered, creating a three-dimensional presentation of all variables. We also successfully deal with the creation of loyalty programs. We plan the entire system from scratch, design the mechanics of bonuses, we also take care of rewards and logistics.

Another dimension of our activities is dedicated platforms in the Business to Customer model, including applications developed for a wide range of customers. Interesting projects of this type are:

  • TripTrendo TripTrendo is a free online travel planner, giving you control over many aspects of your vacation: flights, itineraries, hotel reservations, sightseeing spots and costs. It also allows you to search for travel inspiration created by other users, customize it to your needs or rate it.
  • Dr Barbara DrBarbara is an app that makes it easy to set up and control a diet for people aiming to lose weight or take care of their health. It reminds you of meal times, provides culinary inspiration, theoretical knowledge, nutritional analysis of meals, workout plans, or weekly shopping lists! It also allows you to monitor your 7-day progress. Most importantly, DrBarbara is a professional application, created by specialists: nutritionists, personal trainers, doctors, psychologists.

A pinch of knowledge about technologies

In our daily activities, we follow the latest technologies and skillfully use them to create software. A wide technological spectrum allows us to create dedicated platforms and applications for the most popular systems.

What is an API?

The API (Application Programming Interface) is the basis of how systems and databases communicate with each other. It is based on a set of instructions and parameters stating how different pieces of software should communicate with each other. In simple writing: an API is a set of functions that mediates communication between programs.

API is useful if we plan to expand our dedicated platform with an application, CMS, CMR system or, for example, a web-based B2B solution such as downloading payment or invoice information. Thanks to the API protocol, two programs (e.g. a website and a newly developed application) are integrated with each other, but can be individually changed and, more importantly, communicate effectively with each other.

The API sends requests from one program, to another, and comes back with the desired response. Without the API, such communication would not be possible, and all information would have to be entered into each program individually. Using the Application Programming Interface reduces costs and saves time if we are determined to develop and expand.

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