47 years of experience!

Subway is a chain of restaurants offering sandwiches at more than 40,000 outlets in 102 countries. It is the fastest growing franchise chain in the world and one of the top three fast food restaurant brands by number of locations.

Bigger than McDonald’s!

To illustrate the strength of the brand, it is enough to mention that the Subway restaurant chain with its 40,000 locations is larger than McDonald’s, which has about 34,000 restaurants!

We have been working together since the beginning of 2012.

We started our joint online activities at the beginning of 2012 and systematically continue to this day. The cooperation started with building a corporate website for Subway Poland. Our activities were very positively received, which resulted in the expansion of our client base to include Subway Czech Republic and Subway Slovakia. In the coming year, we will have the pleasure of working for two more European Subway branches.

Our work involves complete support of the brand’s Internet activities, i.e. creating, updating and making modifications to the websites of selected countries and creating multimedia for the WWW.

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