Starter Sp.z o.o.

Starter Sp.z o.o.

For the company Starter, we have built, among other things, the Starter Truck Service road events management system, which enables efficient registration and evaluation of interventions.

The mission of the company Starter is, above all, to continually enhance the sense of safety for road users and travelers. Its market activities, offered products, and their quality are oriented towards the needs and expectations of customers.

The domain of Starter’s operations encompasses broadly defined Assistance services. Starting from road assistance, through medical assistance, and ending with home assistance. Regardless of the season or time of day, the company provides assistance in the event of car breakdowns, traffic accidents, sudden illnesses, home door lockouts, or other unfortunate incidents. In each case, it strives to provide help quickly and professionally. Every year, it extends assistance nearly 40,000 times.

Starter is the only roadside assistance company in Poland that systematically invests and effectively develops the concept of maintaining the mobility of its customers by improving their vehicles on the spot of the incident

The tasks entrusted to us…

…involves creating a dedicated system for handling road events, Starter Truck Service, which allows for efficient registration of incidents and evaluation of interventions, along with the option for online payment processing. Another collaborative achievement was the development of the capability for making payments through an e-card on the website after filling out the Starter Assistance enrollment form.

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