It is a portal with professional tools designed for artists and their managers.

Polstars is a platform that combines the features of a business tool and a social portal. The application allows managers to create a transparent concert offer for their artist, enabling event organizers to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the artist’s art and repertoire.

Polstars also facilitates promotion and networking by sharing contact databases containing information about festival organizers and other cultural event organizers, as well as cultural centers, offices, and student self-governments. The portal includes a database of major music events and locations that emphasize music promotion.

Among the well-known personalities and bands that have joined the Polstars community are Renata Przemyk, Anieszka Chylińska, Czesław Śpiewa, Grzegorz Chyży, Tede, Jamal, Michał Szpak, and Pectus.

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