The world's largest food producer, owner of over 2,000 brands.

Nestle is a brand that almost everyone knows. The distinctive blue logo is on most of the foodstuffs we buy. This is not surprising. Nestle is the world’s largest food manufacturer and owner of more than 2,000 more or less well-known brands such as Lion, Princessam KitKat, Winiary, Nesquik, Gerber, Nescafé and many others..

Nestle’s signature products are among the so-called “high-end” items. The high quality of the products is taken care of by 34 research centers.

Currently, the Swedish manufacturer’s products are available in 193 countries. Nestle entered the Polish market in 1993, promoting 2 products to us at the time: the Nesquik chocolate drink and Nescafé coffee.

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