KY brands

KY brands

12 years of experience!

Kid&Young Agency has been specializing in marketing aimed at young consumers for over 12 years. It is a pioneer of family marketing in Poland and specializes in so-called relationship marketing. The agency works on building a lasting emotional connection between the brand and the family.

The company collaborates with brands such as Morlinki, Pysio, Lody Scholler, the Kinder series, Danonki, Actimel, Bobo Fruit, Hubba Bubba, Tic Tac, Kubuś, and many others.

Collaboration with Kid&Young has been ongoing since 2009!

Together, we work on several projects each year, managing promotions that reach several countries. Our tasks usually involve implementing website projects, CMS system deployments, and highly efficient dedicated database systems to handle promotions for major players in the market.

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