Echostar Studio

Echostar Studio

It is one of Poznań’s leading providers of internet, telephone and television for private individuals and businesses. The company’s history dates back to 1989 when the fledgling company provided cable TV network construction services.

Echostar has moved with the times and has been providing internet access services through its cable TV network since 1998. It systematically expands its offer and tries its best to adapt its services to the needs of its customers. Efficient service and an individual approach to each of them make the company a proven and reliable partner in the world of the internet.

Technological advances and the growing demand of Echostar’s customers have led to the company also providing independent fixed-line telephony services since 2005. The fibre-optic networks it builds are a guarantee of stability and practically unlimited data transmission capacity, as well as high reliability of the services provided by Echostar Studio. The company’s development is progressing day by day, with new solutions being implemented every day.

Echostar Studio covers a wide area, in particular such places as Poznań, Swarzędz, Rokietnica, Biedrusko or Mosina. The high technological level of the telecommunications networks built and attention to the quality of the services provided are Echostar’s core strengths. Evidence of such prioritisation is the wide range of subscribers using Echostar Studio services and their satisfaction with cooperation with the company. A wide range of multimedia services, openness and customer care make Echostar one of the leading telecommunications operators in the region.

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